Interviu cu un "Loki" autohton


Mihai Dinu ne-a surprins atunci cand am descoperit cosplayul sau de la Nijikon. In premiera in Romania avem primul Loki. Un Loki autohton cu planuri mari de viitor. Putem sa spunem ca este "burdened with glorious purpose".


1.De cand esti fan Marvel-Thor? 


Mihai Dinu: De cand sunt mic. Era un serial de desen animat cu Thor, difuzat (daca imi amintesc bine) pe pro tv dimineata in weekend. Era un desen d-ala old school care aducea f mult cu comics, si m-a prins. Bineinteles, ma uitam si la Spiderman,X-Men, Iron Man si ce mai era p-atunci pe Fox Kids parca, dar Thor mi-a placut cel mai mult.


2. De ce ai ales sa faci Cosplay Loki?

Mihai Dinu:De ce? Pentru ca seman foarte mult cu el haha. La fata si par cel putin. Si pentru ca e un personaj destul de badass.


3.Te identifici cu anumite aspecte ale caracterului lui Loki sau admiri personajul per total ?

Mihai Dinu: Amandoua. Admir perseverenta, viclenia si multitudinea de "asi din maneca" de care da dovada Loki, precum si inteligenta pe care o arata in planurile sale, si pot sa spun ca si eu la randul meu sunt putin viclean si manipulator (nu intr-un sens rau) inteligent (so i consider myself) si perseverent. Din pacate, simt ca ma aseman cu el si prin lipsa de convictiune pe care el o arata; rareori ii ies planurile, si cu atat mai rar convinge el ca ceea ce face e  de bine. 

4. Ai planuri de viitor legate de Cosplay ?


Mihai Dinu: Da, as vrea sa imi fac un costum Loki mai bun :D


5. Cum ti se pare cosplay-ulul in prezent in Romania? Organizare, fani, concursuri? Ce ti-ai dori sa se faca si in Romania in acest domeniu ?

Mihai Dinu: Cosplay-ul din Romania mi se pare ok, bun chiar. Din pacat am fost doar la Nijikon pana acum (de 3 ani incoace) deci doar la eventul asta ma pot referi. Din ce am vazut pana acum concursurile au fost bune, fanii din ce in ce mai numerosi iar costumele se imbunatatesc exponential de la an la an. In rest, nu prea stiu ce altceva s-ar mai putea face pentru ca n-am vazut alte concursuri de cosplay.


6. Iti plac anumiti artisti cosplay si daca da, care sunt aceia ?

Mihai Dinu: Din pacate sunt cam nou in domeniu, anul asta a fost primul in care am incercat ceva de genul (si consider ca se putea mai bine). Chiar daca merg de 3 ani la Nijikon, pot spune ca nu m-a pasionat de la inceput cosplay-ul pentru ca nu i-am dat prea mare atentie, deci nu pot numi vreun cosplay artist. Dar pot spune ca anul asta au fost niste costume super ( tipa din poza a fost de departe preferata mea). 


interviu realizat de Miriam Mircea si Ioana Raluca Popescu






Interview with Allie Esiri - The Love Book

You have learned by now of the amazing application "The Love Book" and if not we strongly encourage you to go check the Facebook page and website and download it


Exclusively for our page, Tom Hiddleston Army Romania, Mrs. Allie Esiri answered a few questions about this exciting new project.


1.  What where the ideas that made "the Love book" come into being? What were the thoughts and hopes behind this project?

I co-created the iF Poems app, which has 270 of the most famous poems that I thought people may want to know. Tom Hiddleston came in to read poems on that. He was brilliant. 

2. "From William Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling, Alfred Lord Tennyson to Zelda Fitzgerald [...]" how did you pick each poem ? What were the criteria of selecting a certing author and poem?


On this app, I wanted poems all around the theme of love. I thought too that online, if you search 'a love poem', you just get too many! I thought a curated anthology is a more manageable amount. Someone doing the editing for you may be helpful for people. 


3. Did you choose the poems for each actor to recite or did they have the chance to participate at selecting one of their choice?


I did choose poems for the actors. Helena B-C is incredibly talented at being funny, so I gave her many of the funny poems to read. Plus, of course, as Bellatrix in Harry Potter, I thought it would be perfect for her to read the J.K. Rowling extracts. Helen McCrory is an outstanding classical actress and so I gave her many of the tricky sonnets! Gina Bellman was very involved with her choices and she requested some that she wanted to read. I insisted that she read the Virginia Woolf letter, using Woolf'a accent. In her big TV show, Leverage, she always did different accents and she is so good at them, I begged her to try this. She did it perfectly. We had a lot of fun in the studio. Likewise Damian Lewis does an American accent utterly perfectly in 'Homeland' so I asked him to do the Whitman poems in an American accent. 


Tom suggested a few that he particularly wanted to read and he also suggested a few poems he wanted to be included. There is more audio of all of the actors coming at a later date. Some of his choices will be released then. He is not only a talented actor, but he is extremely intelligent and understands the poems completely. He brings so much intelligence and talent to each one. 

4. How was it to work with Tom Hiddleston and Helena Bonham Carter ?


They recorded together on iF Poems, which was really good fun. Have you heard 'Us Two?'  - it is one of my favourite things in the world! 


5. Why was Tom Hiddleston between the chosen actors for this project?


Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton suggested Tom Hiddleston to me. Also, I have another friend who had visited the set of 'A Deep Blue Sea' and noticed that he was talking about poetry with Rachel Weisz, so she had also said to me, 'What about Tom Hiddleston?' They were all incredibly helpful and I am very grateful!


6. Will there be a Love Book part 2 or something similar?


There is a book, due on Valentine's Day and more audio, as I said, to come soon. There is also lots more to be added to the website and the Facebook and Twitter accounts. 


7. Which one out of all the poems is your personal favorite and why?


I adore so many - it is a bit like being asked, who is my favourite child?! One of my favourites is 'Life Story' by Tennessee Williams. And 'May I feel, said he' by E.E. Cummings is brilliantly passionate and funny at the same time. 


Don't forget to participate to our project: Tom Hiddleston's Poems of the World and submit your own poem of choice. 






Choose or write a poem for Tom Hiddleston, he will receive it for his birthday!

Article on CinemaRX written by Andreea Tarau



Each of us loves a poem,a poet who inspired or inspire sus through his verses and the message from his poetry. Tom Hiddleston’s fans are truly one of a kind and as time passes,they show more and more their creative power guided by passion and love for their pears and for culture.

Tom Hiddleston Army Romania celebrated its first year of existence and activity in 2013 and now is calling all fans enlisted in their beautiful “army” to join forces and take part in a majestic project-idea born a year ago,when the Fan-club started to exist.

We,including Ioana and myself, are all welcome to contribute to the cultural diversity of the Fandom by participating to “Tom Hiddleston’s Poems of the World” book project and showing our support.


Starting with today,4th of September and till the 21st of December 2013,we gladly invite all his passionate fans ,so inspired by Tom’s work and his dedication to culture,to join our ambitious project. All you have to do to enter is to send us your most favorite piece of poetry or even something you wrote yourselves. Our purpose is to gather all poems in a book which will eventually be our gift for his 33rd Birthday,on the 9th of February 2014.


Basic Rules:


-each fan is entitled to participate with only one poem or personal creation;

-each participant should also motivate their choice and (if they want),write a few words about themselves-all fans will be fully quoted once the book is being completed;

-you can also represent the desired poem by a drawing or fan-art;

-above all,be creative and follow your heart.

In order to participate,please send your contributions to our e-mail address , in the inbox of our Facebook page Hiddleston’s Army Romania or on Twitter @hiddlesarmyro.






Tom Hiddleston's Poems of the World - Book Project

Each of us loves a poem, a certain poet and has been inspired by a particular stanza. 
The fans of Tom Hiddleston are unique and through the years have show over and over again what dedication, passion, love of culture and humanity can create.
Tom Hiddleston Army Romania celebrated this year its first year of activity and we've dedicated to share an early thought now turned into a project.
"Tom Hiddleston's Poems of the World" is our way of showing the cultural diversity of the fandom. 
Starting from today, September 4th, 2013 until December 21th, 2013 we ask you, the fans, the ones inspired by Tom Hiddleston acting and love for culture to submit one poem, the poem that means the most for you. 
We would like to gather poems from fans from all over the world and put together a book that will be our gift for Tom Hiddleston's birthday next year.
If you have a poem you written yourself you can submit it to us.

The Guidelines:

- each fan can submit one poem - it can also be a poem written by the fan ;
- a few words about yourself and the choice of poem/or how you came to write the poem;
- if you want you can submit a drawing, fan work (including or representing the poem) - everything will be given credit in the book to the owner;
- be creative, follow your heart ;)
You can submit the items using our email address:, you can inbox us: or tweet it to us:


Fiecare dintre noi iubeste un poem, un poet care l-a inspirat sau il inspira in prezent fie prin versuri, fie prin ceea ce transmite cu ajutorul poeziilor. Fanii lui Tom Hiddleston sunt cu adevarat unici si odata cu trecerea timpului au aratat ceea ce pot crea ghidati de pasiune si iubirea pentru semeni lor si cultura.

Tom Hiddleston Army Romania si-a sarbatorit prima aniversare in 2013 si ne-am decis sa transpunem intr-un proiect o idee care s-a nascut odata cu pagina si Fan-clubul nostru.

Prin "Tom Hiddleston's Poems of the World" putem sa ne aducem contributia la diversitatea culturala a fanilor sai infocati printre care ne numaram si noi.

Incepand de astazi 4 septembrie 2013 pana pe 21 decembrie 2013 va invitam pe voi, fanii care sunteti mereu atat de inspirati de munca si atasamentul lui Tom fata de cultura, sa va inscrieti in acest concurs printr-un poem indragit si ales de voi.

Scopul nostru este de a aduna poezii de la fanii lui Tom din lumea intreaga si sa le strangem intr-un volum ce va constitui cadoul nostru pentru ziua lui de nastere din 2014.

Acceptam si creatiile personale.

Regulile de Baza:

-fiecare fan are dreptul sa participe cu o singura poezie, inclusiv lucrarile personale.
-de asemenea, insotiti poemul cu o scurta descriere a voastra si de ce ati ales respectiva poezie - fiecare concurent va fi citat intru totul odata cu punerea la punct a volumului.
-puteti sa va reprezentati desenul ales dintr-un desen, fan art.
-mai presus de orice, fiti creativi si ascultati-va instinctul si inima
Pentru a participa, va rugam sa trimiteti datele cerute pe adresa noastra de e-mail, in inbox-ul Fan-paginii noastre sau pe Twitter @hiddlesarmyro


Chacun de nous aime une certaine poésie et un poète qui l'a inspiré ou l'inspire au présent par ses vers et surtout par ce qu'il fait passer par l’intermédiaire de ses poèmes. Les fans de Tom Hiddleston sont tout a fait uniques et au fur et a mesure que le temps passe ils ont démontré leur pouvoir de création issu de la passion et l'amour pour la culture et les gens. 

Tom Hiddleston Army Romania a récemment célébré sa première année d'existence et d’activité et nous avons pris la décision de donner vie a une idée que nous avons eue des le début de notre Fan-club.

A travers "Tom Hiddleston's Poems of the World" nous voulons aussi avoir une contribution signifiante a la diversité culturelle symbolisé par ses fan les plus acharnes,nous y comprises.

A partir d'aujourd'hui le 4 septembre jusqu'au 21 décembre 2013 nous lançons une invitation a vous,les fans,toujours si inspires par le travail de Tom sur scène et sa appréciation vers la culture,de participer a cet concours avec un poème de votre choix,qui ait la plus grande importance personnelle pour vous.

Notre but est de rassembler les poésies proposées par les fans de Tom du monde entier et de les ordonner dans un livre qui ensuite sera notre cadeau pour l'anniversaire de Tom en 2014. Nous acceptons aussi les créations personnelles.

Le Règlement est le suivant:
-chaque personne a le droit d'y participer en nous proposant un seul poème,même si écrit par lui/elle-même
-nous vous prions de nous envoyer aussi quelques mots sur vous et pourquoi vous vous êtes décidés pour telle ou telle poésie (tout participant sera cite entièrement une fois que le livre sera compile)
-surtout suivez vos cœurs et votre instinct
Afin d'envoyer les poésies, nous vous prions d'utiliser soit notre adresse e-mail,.soit le inbox de notre page Facebook soit notre Twitter @hiddlesarmyro






Are you Luke Evans or Benedict Cumberbatch fans?

Cinemarx' article in Romanian:


Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki in Thor and The Avengers,has in Romania „an Army” of almost 2.000 fans,built by two young women (Ioana and Miriam) who appreciate his work and follow his every move. Ioana and Miriam are also the creators and administrators of two other Fan-pages one dedicated to Robert Downey Jr. and the other one to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Their passion and ambition are always driving them to pursue new goals and projects and so two young rising actors have their own Romanian Fan-clubs: Luke Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch, the latter being a collaboration with Ada Bogoevici-Soci, a specialist in graphic design.


When you get „hooked” on an actor,you start wanting to know more and more about him or her,about his past,present and future career plans and roles,you want to meet as many people as possible who share the same passion as you. You can fiind all these and so much more as a member of a Fan-club.


Did you admire Luke Evans in The Immortals ,The Raven or Fast & Furious 6? Are you eager to see him as Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? Or maybe as the dark and complex character Eric Draven from a Crow reboot? Then the Fan-club Immortals- Luke Evans Romanian Fans is the place for you.


Did you fall under Benedict Cumberbatch’s spell in the British series „Sherlock” and you enjoyed his performance as the bad guy from „Star Trek Into Darkness”? Or maybe you believe he will be nominated for an Oscar thanks to his role as the Wiki Leaks founder from „The Fifth Estate” drama? You share then the same opinions as the other members of the Benedict Cumberbatch Romania Fan-club. 







Interview with "PopWrapped"

PopWrapped is a fresh new approach to all things from the Pop culture, giving us a taste of fandoms, technology,video games, the latest news and more. Here is an interview with Erika Rivera, Senior Editor at PopWrapped.

1. Please explain the concept behind PopWrapped.


E. Rivera:

PopWrapped is an entertainment news site that brings the readers all the top entertainment and pop culture news out there. Our staff checks out all the entertainment sister sites like Entertainment Weekly and Digital Spy and picks out what news they are most excited about and write up their own articles. They also find additional information about the news that the other sites might have looked over as well. There are a lot of sites out there to pick from so we hope to make it easier on everyone and grab the important news from all.In addition to making sure the public stays in the know about the latest in Pop Culture, we also do special feature pieces on our favorite shows, movies and celebrities. For example, my colleague and I did a special feature about Tom Hiddleston recently, which you can find here: Pop of Talent: The Avengers’ Tom Hiddleston Gives Bad A Good Name We also attend events and conventions and bring the latest news from there.

2. What type of public and audiences would you like to reach most with your work?


E. Rivera:

So far, PopWrapped has a worldwide reach. We have almost 200,000 followers between Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. We hope to reach audiences in the 18-49 age demo but do realize that because of some of the fandoms we highlight, we are reaching a younger demographic as well.

3. What are the fandoms you feel close to and/or are part of ?


E. Rivera:

I consider myself a Whovian, Sherlockian, Downtonian, Gleek, Oncer, and Truebie among a slew of other things. I am alos quite involved in the Shakespeare fandom and actively participate in Shakespeare Sunday.

4. Many associate the image of a fan-girl to that one of a groupie and stalking kind of person. How do you feel about this description?


E. Rivera:

How do you see yourself as a fan?I will say that there are some fan-girls who do fit that negative description of the word. I have witness such behavior in some of the fandoms that I consider myself a part of. It's embarrassing and makes it hard for me to be as active because I do not want to be associated with such fans.I have for the most part noticed that the Hiddleston fandom is not really like that. It might have to do with the fact that Tom Hiddleston's work isn't really meant for immature minds.As a fan, I see myself as one that knows my place and role. I admire from a distance.

5. When did you start writing for PopWrapped and what are the biggest challenges related to this job ?


E. Rivera:

I started with PopWrapped 8 months ago as a staff writer. I am now one of the Senior Editors, which means I run the day to day operations and approve the pieces that get posted on our site.My biggest challenge with my job is making sure I'm not spreading myself too thin as there are a lot of responsibilities. I oversee a staff of almost 75 writers (and growing), and have to make sure that we are staying up to date with what is going on in the entertainment field.

6. Would you like PopWrapped to become an international brand?


E. Rivera:

PopWrapped is going daily and has a pretty good foot in the door as far as going international so I do hope we keep going and become well known internationally.

Erika Rivera

Senior Editor



I am Pop Culture fanatic who enjoys writing, dancing, and reading. I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology and am working on my Masters in Psychology. PopWrapped is my first foray into the entertainment field and the first site I have been involved in with my writing and editing.






Tom Hiddleston and the two fans who built him an entire army- 6th of August 2013, written and published by Andreea Tarau




Would you like to enroll in the Army? Of course,not the type of Army in which you have to wake up at 6 AM and the drill sergeant is watching your every move, but an Army of fans who share the same passion and are bound together by their devotion for a talented,charismatic,charming English actor,a true gentleman and for his movies: Tom Hiddleston.


Exactly one year and one month ago (The Romanian Tom Hiddleston Fan-club has celebrated one year of existence), an idea of Ioana Raluca Popescu, a big Hiddleston fan, has turned into the very first Romanian Hiddleston-dedicated Fan-club. Shortly after, Miriam Mircea joined her and the two went on to gather an Army of almost 2000 supporters, to this day.


His success in the superhero movies has brought him to our attention as a genuine villain-Loki of Asgard,the adoptive brother of Thor, the God of Thunder and a lot of people have said that no one,but absolutely nobody else could have embodied Loki better than Tom Hiddleston has. We admired him in Thor (2011) and he had his moments of glory in The Avengers,where he insulted The Black Widow (performed by Scarlett Johansson), calling her „a mewling quim”, but also got his share of beating when the giant Hulk smashed him to the floor. Most recently, he had a surprise appearance at the San Diego Comic Con, creating madness all over the planet once more. Tom Hiddleston does not portay only Loki, the God of Mischef. The British actor has a remarcable movie experience, gained in his 32 years of life (he is born on the 9th of February 1981,in London). He has starred in theater plays, TV productions, independent movies,he is extremely talented and versatile and is adored by fans all over the world.


Read all about the creation of the Romanian Tom Hiddleston Fan-base project ,as accounted by Miriam and Ioana, the two administrators of the Hiddleston’s Army Romania Fan-page, who invite you to join their Army and promise us a surprise in the days to come.



1.When, how and why?


To be perfectly honest, I can say Destiny played a role in it all. Back in 2012, I was home in Germany (where I live from 2011) and I picked up a rumour on Facebook about Tom Hiddleston visiting Cologne to shoot for the movie Only Lovers Left Alive. Cologne is 7 hours away by train from the city in which I live ,but this didn’t stop me already deciding to travel and try to meet him personally. At the end of July 2012,I was searching for a Romanian Tom Hiddleston Fan-page or group , where I could boast my meeting him and what do you know, I found the Facebook page Hiddleston’s Army Romania ,cute and bubbly,run by a very nice and kind administrator, Ioana.We started talking, one thing led to another and I told her I was about to go to Cologne to try and meet Mr.Hiddleston himself. Then,all of a sudden,without having met her prior to this, I asked her if she wanted to come to Germany,stay at my place and join me to Cologne. The plan was unachievable, but funnily enough, I felt that I could talk to her openly and about everything, as if I’d known her for years. I then went on to tell her I would ask Tom for an autograph for her too and with all these in mind, I travelled to the other side of Germany ,making a trip that would change my life, bringing a lot of positivity to it,when I needed it most.


Alone in Cologne, I got to know a wonderful group of mostly-German girls,very friendly,all die-hard Tom Hiddleston fans. Meeting him was almost surreal, he was extremely nice to us,knowing too well that we had waited 6 hours to see him,he took photos with each one of us,talked to us a little bit,all in all,he charmed us for good. Proof of this magic moment stands my set of photos which can be consulted on our Fan-page called Hiddleston’s Army Romania (!/media/set/?set=a.124065351073026.38021.100530316759863&type=3) . I also asked for his autograph for „my sister, Ioana,who unfortunately could not make it to Germany” and hearing about Romania,Tom was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was known even there too. Back home,I couldn’t wait to show the autograph to Ioana,who was very happy and subsequently offered me the position of the other Hiddleston’s Army Romania administrator,the beautiful,sassy page,Romania’s first dedicated to Mr.Hiddleston.


Needless to say, I accepted her offer straight away and from August 2012, I am living this amazing experience,in the middle of our family,as I like to call it,who is constantly growing, day by day.

Our page and project have always been international,not just exclusively Romanian, altough I have to say, every time we see a new Romanian member, our hearts are filled with joy, because we firstly want to make a name for ourselves in our native Romania and then world-wide.


As Ioana mentioned, we are juggling with foreign languages as well, beside our main-Romanian. We both have a native-level of English and French, Ioana also speaks Italian and I am a Greek and German speaker as well, skills which allow us to interact widely with our international members. Our page has something special about it, the fact that all the time or in 90% of the cases, we personally reply to each and every comment, idea, daring project, fan-art of our fans, whom we support fully.


Tom Hiddleston is a unique, complete artist, very well brought-up, intelligent, well-behaved, a true British gentleman, not to mention charming and handsome. It was just a matter of time till I would become one of his avid fans, especially after having met him.


2. First time I ever noticed Tom Hiddleston was…


I actually noticed his blond-reddish curls when he was starring in Wallander, next to the great Sir Kenneth Branagh. I quickly became interested in this show thanks to a well-written script and such a magnific performance of its cast. Tom Hiddleston didn’t particulary stay in my memory, slowly fadding away, until 2011, when I was practically dragged to see „Thor”. I can say, hand on heart,watching that movie meant for me watching only the raven-haired actor who portrayed Loki, the God of Mischief. I never for a second made a connection to the blond curly actor from Wallander till some weeks later,when I was reading some „Thor” reviews and I managed to find out the name of the actor who was almost too sexy for his Loki role. Ever since I became totally spell-bound by Tom Hiddleston,started searching for his TV appearances, interviews, photos. For the first time in my life I was joining the League of Fan-girls.


3. Past, present and future projects


We call our page, joking,’’the little page that could”, one of our Mottos being „Go hard or go home”. Till now we have never backed away from any idea, no matter how daring or crazy it seemed at first. We learned to believe in ourselves and in what we could achieve,as long as we would put our minds at work. Ioana and myself complete eachother profesionally and as friends very well. She writes movie reviews sublimely and deliciously, knows how to extract the essential out of everything and has a developed critical sense. I am bringing to the mix my desire to become a PR based on my prior Marketing Specialist experience and on the feeling that I can have a good career in the PR industry, interacting with people with love and honesty, as Tom Hiddleston taught me to. He inspired also my wrist tattoo of the „Only Lovers Left Alive” phrase.


So far, we managed without any support, to nail successful collaborations with projects from the United Stated, UK, Hungary, Romania.We received as a gift a set of two black and white prints from Tom Hiddleston’s photoshoot for Flaunt Magazine, from his photographer himself, Mr.Jason Hetherington. We also participated to the very first edition of the East European Comic Con, held last March in Bucharest, Romania, where we had the pleasant surprise of people coming especially to meet and greet us and learn more about us. I personally invited a UNICEF Romania representative to the event, who honoured us with her presence .We collaborated for one of our competitions with an UK – based Magazine, 1883 Magazine, who were our generous sponsors, offering us a free copy of their 4thIssue, dedicated to Tom Hiddleston,issue which was our Romanian winner’s cherished prize. We also create and maintain a lot of other smaller collaborations with various international and national projects, building ourselves slowly but surely a name and a reputation in the Romanian and not only movies,media and self-based projects. We started from absolute scratch and we are moving forward with some very daring plans, first of their kind in Romania, which we hope to successfully conclude. Of course, you will be updated about everything, as things unfold.


Our biggest goal is to offer something different and special to Tom’s Romanian and international fans, through our work,which is why I ask of your kind support, keep your fingers crossed for us!


We also invite you to visit our website, ,and to read all our original articles and interviews. Personally I take a lot of pride in the interview of a very famous Mangaka and Cosplayer from Germany, called Fahr Sindram,published on the internet page of an all female all geek Magazine, called Paper Droids ( ).


You all are more than welcome to contact us at any time on Facebook, Twitter, our website or on our e-mail address give us some feed-back, share with us ideas and plans,thoughts and comments, positive or negative. We will be more than happy to read and reply to all.


I thank everyone who believed and believes in us,who support and work with us. Thank you to all who read these words of mine, to my parents, to my partner and to Ioana. Especially to Ioana, from all my heart.


„Sky’s the limit.Your sky,your limit”. (Tom Hiddleston)



1.When,how and why?


Slightly joking, I always come back to the day of July 4th, 2012, when I can say that the Hiddleston Romanian Fan-page project started existing as an idea. I „blame” for this, only in the good way, the Tom-pages from Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Out of curiosity, I searched on Facebook for a Romanian page dedicated to actors and TV-shows. I found such fan-pages for True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. I already knew they existed but I hadn’t joined yet „the party”. Of course, a Romanian page dedicated to Tom Hiddleston was yet to be created, so, on the 6th of July 2012, at around 20h (Romanian time), this audacious project „was born”. It was a day before the Hollow Crown series were airing and with this occasion, I started getting an insight from the world of fandoms. During those days, I discovered fans from Romania scattered all over the world, together with fans from Italy, Greece, Canada, France, Germany, the UK. So I decided to make of my project more than  just a simple Fan-page,with news and photos, and make it known as much as possible. I also got ambitioned inspired by those Facebook pages, which now are among our Partner-Pages, I learned a lot from their administrators and I started practicing my newly-found knowledge on my own Facebook page,which in August would receive its newest family-member.


Both Miriam and myself understood quite soon what was going to work and what not for our page, how to attract and get to know our fans, to interact and involve them in our projects,how to offer them more than a set of photos and videos of Tom. The Tom Hiddleston fandom is generally based on a firm set of rules: honesty, respect, compassion, solidarity. It may sound a bit pathethic, but from last year, my general vision and understanding of things has dramatically changed. I used to be an incurable Bucharest-born cinic, and I am slowly becoming someone able to see the light and kindness of people around her. Of course, Tom Hiddleston influenced me too in this way, by reading numerous articles and interviews of him, back in April and May 2012 and I was amazed that people like him still exist.


„Sky’s the limit.Your sky, your limit.” These words of his opened a journey of knowledge for me, taking me back to what I really enjoy doing, regaining my courage and self-confidence. I realized I can achieve what I set my mind to and having my parents by my side, I also had and have Miriam, my friend and partner on our two Fan-pages: Hiddleston’s Army Romania and Marvel Cinematic Universe Romania.


2. First time I ever noticed Tom Hiddleston was…


I was and am a huge Kenneth Branagh fan. I literally devoured in the 90s all his movies which were broadcast on TV. I loved the way he was able to play in William Shakespeare’s creations. There I was just a kid who was reading everything she could get her hands on and sometimes, I am not ashamed to admit it, even after having seen its TV adaptation, Branagh opened my taste for British literature. Hamlet, Henry the 5th, Othello, Much Ado about Nothing, all his performances on stage and on screen were and are electrifying.


About 10 years ago, I saw a tremendously shocking movie about The Final Solution adopted in the Second World War. From the movie’s first minutes I noticed a young, blond, slender man with big, blue eyes, who for some reason stayed in my head. That young man was Tom Hiddleston and I saw him again after years and years in Wallander staring alongside Kenneth Branagh. Then, I started following his career. In 2011 came his break-through moment,”Thor”. I was always a big Marvel Comics and movies fan and I call myself a fully-bread Geek-girl. After seeing „Thor” I was very surprised by how Branagh managed to put a Shakespeare twist into such a classic Norse myth, bringing family drama in the movie , which became so much more than just a Comics adaptation on screen,also thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s acting,an incredibly successful combination of vulnerability and arrogance. Loki,the “bad guy” managed to reach, as Kevin Feige said, the level of Magneto portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen. Through War Horse, The Deep Blue Sea and Midnight in Paris I discovered the chameleonic ability of Tom Hiddleston’s acting. I also admired his work in movies which are not very known to most,s uch as Unrelated and Archipelago, both directed by Joanna Hogg, who was making the most out of any trace of minimalism in her movies.


The Hollow Crown series only made me admire more Tom Hiddleston. Any actor, British or not, would like to play Hal/King Henry V and most have already tried a version of their own, including Tom’s mentor, Sir Kenneth Branagh. The very famous Saint Crispin Day speech has been studied and shown in many productions, to be found even in X-Men: The Last Stand. It is the type of monologue which makes or breaks a young actor and performer. In the evenings of July 2012,I was reciting along Tom Hiddleston and all the rest of his fans those lines, as I was watching the BBC-live streaming, “we few, we happy, we band of brothers”.


3. Past,present and future projects


There were numerous times in which the Hiddleston-fans have proved that they were more than just a fandom. The Hiddlestoners, in which we are also members representing Romania ,have supported Tom’s humanitarian projects with Unicef UK and IF Foundation and we have always encouraged gifted young people, such as Cosplay-ers, graphic artists, painters, wonderful people that we try to promote and bring into the spotlight through our pages. We take a lot of pride in our fans and projects. At the East European Comic Con we understood how much we evolved since 2012 and I will always be grateful to those people that came to meet Miriam and me, to talk to us, to hear about our news and ideas. I would like to thank them again for participating to our projects and for supporting us.


It is not easy managing these pages. Currently we use 6 international circulation languages when interacting with our fans who come from all over the world. I thank all those who put their faith into a small but ambitious page.


Since August 2012,when Miriam joined forces with mine, we both started going on a crazy yet sublime path at the same time. Ambitioning one another, we both wanted to make so much more than just a simple Fan-page and to prove that if you really want something, you can make it happen. We are so proud with what we have accomplished so far. We have under our belt published reviews for all of Tom’s movies, partnerships and competitions with prizes, among which the famous Issue no.4 of the 1883 Magazine (more details here). We are working hard on a series of surprises for this fall’s launch of “Thor: The Dark World” and for Tom’s return to the theater stage in winter ,starring in Coriolanus, and also for Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive.


Hiddleston’s Army Romania is not our only “baby”, from December 2012, we created and manage the Marvel Cinematic Universe Romania page. Both our projects have Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as sites on Tumblr and wordpress platforms. It is clear that the MCU Romania project was born from our passion for Marvel books and comics. I am a Thor, Captain America, Iron Man fan, but I was also drawn to their negative characters, so well sketched and played. I adored Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto, Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane. The very first negative character I liked a lot is actually a tie between Jack Nicholson’s Nathan R. Jessup and Tom Berenger’s Pluton. In my opinion, playing the bad guy demands much more versatility from an actor, gives you a chance to go into the darkness and then rise up again, rise and fall, as Oliver Stone would put it. Back to our Marvel Romania page, we were happy to discover other dedicated fans like we are and therefore we work on that page in the same manner as for our Tom Hiddleston one. A good day’s work means 2 or 3 press articles about Tom, 5 or 6 when it comes to Marvel,2-3 photosets and the fun begins when we have to deal with movie festivals or movie premieres. Then we are working 24/7 and as fast as we can. Keeping our fans up to date with what is happening in real time has gained us a type of recognition and appreciation not only from them but also from UK and US sites, offering us exclusivity for some news. Even if we are fans’ pages for the fans, we never publish simple rumors and gossip about Tom. We will not suffer and be heart-broken if he is in a relationship, we never encourage fans attacking one another on our pages, we have created a Set of Rules that we respect and so far so good.


I also run a site dedicated to all things movies and movie reviews and other geek-related stuff, and another Facebook page-together with Miriam and Adela-dedicated to Robert Downey Junior. There is not a second free to get bored, as both Miriam and I have also a normal day-job to deal with. We both absolutely love what we do and we are very proud for opening the way of promoting more and more Tom Hiddleston in Romania.


We are very set to prove that fans are an important element in collaborations with movie distributors, with publicists and actors and mostly that our fans are sane and educated people with common sense and rational.


I conclude with a Tom Hiddleston quote:” Sometimes you have to go a long way round the houses to come home. I haven’t had to fight quite so many gods and monsters as Odysseus. But it’s been one hell of a journey, so far. “






Assassin's Creed Trailer (CosFighters)

You are all familiar with the cosplay expression. But what could possibly be the cosfight, and the CosFighters?


Well, a few years ago a handful of martial artists decided to use their knowledge to create a new genre in cosplay. That new genre is the cosfight and its founding fathers are the CosFighters. 


Our main aim is not only to visualise the characters of movies, games, cartoons, etc, through cosplaying, but to truly bring them into life for the audience by showing them as much as possible and their skills and abilities of the known heroes and villains.


We would like to use our performances (fight scenes for example) to create the atmosphere of the beloved stories around the funs.Nowadays we are performing with Assassin’s Creed and StarWars, but we are working seriously to give performances of other issues like Batman and other DCs, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Marvels, Alien, Predator, and a dozen of games as well. We hope we will have the honor to fight for you as well!


Don't forget to visit their Youtube Channel: CosFighters 






La Blouse Roumaine||Ziua Universala a Iei

©La Blouse Roumaine
©La Blouse Roumaine

"La Blouse Roumaine" in filme


articol realizat de Ioana Raluca Popescu 


La Blouse Roumaine  ne incurajeaza pe 24 iunie, de Sanziene sa imbracam ia traditionala. Ne mandrim cu portul traditional romanesc, ne creste inima in piept atunci cand vedem poze cu vedetele de la Hollywood purtand un model de ie romaneasca. De la Halle Berry la Adele pe coperta revistei Vogue. De pe catwalk la evenimente din capitala si de peste ocean. Chiar si in filme.

Cautand prin colectia de filme si scormonind prin amintiri am gasit cateva exemple de filme unde ia noastra draga isi face aparitia.

Cum ar spune un personaj celebru din A Knight’s Tale, without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you:


-- continuarea articolul pe blogul To the Edge and Back (



La Blouse Roumaine, trecut și viitor

articol scris de Miriam Mircea


"Costumul românesc este un monument în sensul propriu al cuvântului. El nu stă în căsuța sociologică sau etnografică a îmbrăcămintei, ci în linie cu piramidele egiptene, cu catedralele franceze și cu digurile Olandei. El are acest drept pentru că este o probă adusă la maturitatea existenței unei civilizații închegate. El este una din mărturiile vizibile și tangibile ale civilizației satului de pe pământul nostru. Costumul românesc ne scoate din domeniul artei și ne duce în acela al istoriei. (…) el rimează cu perfecta și armonioasa așezare a comunității libere, care a știut să străbată toate intemperiile istoriei prin neântrecutul său sistem de autoghidare și adaptare." (Din tezaurul portului popular tradițional,de Mircea Malița. Editura Sport-Turism, Bucuresti, 1977)

Lăzile de zestre ale bătrânelor din satele noastre ascund adevărate comori. Cea mai importantă piesă a costumului nostru tradiţional feminin a fascinat pictori, fotografi, feţe regale şi designeri. Toţi aceştia s-au inspirat, au promovat şi mai ales s-au lăsat vrăjiţi de ie sau „cămaşa cu altiţă” (chenar). Creatori faimoşi de modă,ca Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo sau Jean Paul Gaultier au dedicat colecţii întregi cămăşii populare româneşti, după ce Nadia Comăneci a apărut de câteva ori pe saltea îmbrăcată cu o ie tradiţională.

Dar să ne întoarcem puțin în timp și să ne lăsăm și noi învăluiți de farmecul incomensurabil al iei, împletit cu istorie și legendă de cea mai pură esență românească. De la naștere și până la moarte, costumul popular a însoțit omul în toate evenimentele vieții sale, fiind un purtător de simboluri.

Vechea tradiţie românească se simte în decorarea iei,prin care se subliniază diferenţele de vârstă, ocazii şi stare socială şi determină compoziţia ornamentală a costumului, restul pieselor asociindu-se cu cămaşa. Lingvistic, românii au moştenit atât termenul latin ie, derivând din latinescul tunicae lineae (tunică subţire purtată pe piele), pentru cămaşa femeiască, cât şi un termen împrumutat de romani din fondul celtic şi anume camisa, atestat pentru prima oară în limba latină în secolul IV (menţionat în Glossarium mediae et infimae Latinitatis al lui Du Cange) din care provine românescul cămaşă, denumind deci o piesă purtată în zonele mai reci ale Europei”.

Cămaşa este croită în formă de cruce, dintr-o singură bucată de pânză şi cu o deschizătură în partea de sus. Iniţial, cămăşile erau confecţionate din pânză de in sau cânepă, iar mai târziu din mătase şi bumbac. Acesta din urmă era folosit ca urzeală pentru bătătura de in şi cânepă, mai ales în partea de nord a ţării, în timp ce în sud cămăşile erau mai frecvent ţesute cu borangic.

Ia este un tip de cămaşă scurtă până la talie, spre deosebire de cămaşa anterioară, ce îmbrăca întregul corp şi se purta dedesubtul hainelor pentru a apăra corpul de „vrăji şi pericole”. Tehnica decorării iei s-a transmis de la mamă la fiică, fapt care a conservat tradiţia de la o generaţie la alta.

În general, este aproape imposibil de determinat când a apărut primul tip de cămaşă, dar se consideră că acest tip de îmbrăcăminte ar fi putut să fie purtat de populaţia aparţinând culturii Cucuteni. Ceramica din cultura Cucuteni,datând din perioada preistoriei,epoca fierului, este unică în Europa, găsindu-se unele asemănări, destul de pregnante, doar între ceramica Cucuteni și o ceramică dintr-o cultură neolitică din China. Pe ceramica Cucuteni predomină decorul în spirală, cu numeroase variante și combinații. Culorile predominante pe ceramica Cucuteni sunt roșul, albul și negrul, cu unele variații în funcție de temperatura la care a fost ars vasul respectiv. 

Aceste culori puternice, care exprimă o personalitate a unui popor în formare,a unei civilizații care se năștea în toată puterea ei, se regăsesc pe iile din mai toate regiunile geografice și istorice ale României. Simbolistica predominantă în cultura Cucuteni (meandrul,spirala) va fi mai târziu incorporată în costumul popular românesc.

In epoca bronzului mijlociu, în cultura Gârla Mare – Cârna, cu dezvoltare în Oltenia şi Banat, motivele spiralo-meandrice apar în ceramica ornată cu cele mai frumoase desene spiralice ce pot fi admirate, printre multe altele, la muzeul “Porţilor de Fier” din municipiul Drobeta-Turnu Severin. Acum apar urne de incinerare cu motive spiralice şi aşa numitele “rochii clopot cu ornamente care, după C.Preda et al.,(1994) sunt aidoma celor ale “portului popular românesc din Banat indicând astfel o continuitate etnică multimilenară”. Această concluzie este întărită şi de existenţa spiralelor de tip Gârla Mare - Cârna în cusăturile de pe cămăşile populare gorjeneşti unde apar asociate uneori şi cu meandrul.

După cum spunea Lucian Blaga,omul este om doar dacă creează ceva”. În spaţiul mioritic costumul popular românesc îşi găseşte rădăcinile în portul strămoşilor noştri traci, geţi şi daci fiind supus unei continue evoluţii, păstrând nealterate caracteristicile esenţiale: unitatea şi continuitatea sa. Femeia româncă prin măiestrie artistică, a făcut hainele din tot sufletul ei, nemuritor fireşte. A cusut fiecare frunză, floare, figură. Fiecare cusătura descriind ţinta finală – lumea fără dor. Hainele deveneau adevărate arme spirituale, asigurând protecţia purtătorului faţă de demoni și spiritele năpăstuitoare. În timp ce țeseau și coseau, femeile spuneau o rugăciune ortodoxă pentru comunicare și conectare cu divinitatea,pentru a împleti câte puțin din harul divin între firele toarse cu pricepere.

Semnificaţiile magico-religioase ale costumul naţional românesc sunt puternice. Prin lucrătură, ornamentaţie şi decoraţiile de pe haine, avea ca scop de a-i apăra pe cei care le poartă de fiinţele malefice, duhurile rele, dar şi de a le aduce noroc şi sănătate – având caracter apotropaic şi în acelaşi timp afrodisiac. (n.r. caracter apotropaic-încărcat de spiritualitate,magic,mistic). Deci putem spune cu certitudine că în portul popular românesc se îmbină utilul cu frumosul, realizând echilibrul necesar între suflet şi trup, fără ca importanta unuia să fie exacerbată în detrimentul celuilalt. Creatorul şi purtătorul acestor haine, avea mereu în gând afirmaţia Apostolului Pavel: „trupul vostru este templu al Duhului Sfânt”.

Costumul popular, talisman și creaţie a ţărăncii noastre, ca parte a Sfintei Tradiţii, este martor al existentei noastre .El este pilon al identităţii noastre româneşti. 






Two Masters of Cosplay at the East European Comic Con

Raymond Seregi
Raymond Seregi

Article by: Miriam Mircea and Ioana Raluca Popescu

During the East European Comic Con we’ve meet two masters of Cosplay, dazzling the minds and entertaining the crow present at the National Children’s Palace in Bucharest through the weekend. Raymond Seregi and Richárd Bánfalvi were kind enough to answer to our questions.


1. Do your families and friends support your passion?

Richard: Fortunately it’s safe to say that my whole environment supports me in cosplaying. They think it’s a cool thing, and they don’t look at me as being weird because of it.

Raymond: Yes! I have a lot of friends in this hobby. And I am a veteran cosplayer. My inner circle is supporting for me. My child is now cosplaying.


2. Do you enjoy the attention you are getting?

Richard: Well, for me it’s not about the attention my ‘comrades’ and I get, but about bringing the different types of ‘worlds’ people like into life around them. Of course it is a lovely feeling when we’re in the limelight, but it is really much better when you see the happy faces of people, because you brought them into the ‘world’ they love!

Raymond: Of course yes! We would like near and far to see the people faces. This hobby is maybe weird for the first meeting for some people. But after a few seconds, everybody is would like a photo with you.


3. Since when are you enjoying cosplaying?

Richard: Actually not long. I’ve started participating in cosplayer events a year ago.

Raymond: I started a cosplay hobby 2004. My first costume was a storm trooper and a sand trooper armor. And in the last few years, I have cosplayed so many other star wars characters too.


4. What special preparations do you do before a show/event?

Richard: For me it’s really important not just having detailed costumes, but to have strong (almost bulletproof if possible), durable ones. Of course this is because our main aim is to be able to perform the specific movements of characters we cosplay, and so there’s a lot of “force” the costumes must sustain. So the main preparations before an event are making the proper equipment, and quite an enormous amount of training for the fight scenes!

Raymond: For me it is very important the durability and a movie accurate prop costume. I think, we must do making every characters move like in the movie. I practice all moves what is very typical the character, what I’m cosplaying.


5. Do you see yourselves doing cosplay 5 years from now too?

Richard: Absolutely! You know: This is only the beginning!

Raymond: Of course! I am practicing kung-fu for more than 23 years and my plan: I will do another 23 years too. And I will choose characters for my age. Or… I will make a good makeup.


6. Which fandoms -movies, TV series, comic books  you enjoy to cosplay the most?

Richard: For me the best choice will always be Star Wars, but I badly like Assassin’s Creed, Marvel, DC universe, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and a hundred more, so be prepared for anything.

Raymond: Star wars firstly. Indiana Jones series other favorite. Matrix trilogy too. Lord of the rings.. will be the next plan, and no way, Fantasy is my best area. And the Marvel universe characters. Wolverine, and Magneto.. I don’t choose


7. Which cosplay was the most difficult to put in motion?

Richard: Right now I’m having a little struggle with the making of a proper, sustainable Altair costume, and I’m not 100% ready with it jet, but I think that’s my greatest ‘cosplay problem’ so far.

Raymond: Darth Maul. I must do every move like him and the robes were making it very difficult. I can’t find some really good pictures for the accessories. Dart Maul boots were complicated. I don’t like the expediency in my hobby. I searched the best boots for 3 months.


8. What advice would you give to someone who would like to begin to cosplay?

Richard: I’m not so experienced in the way making costumes, so I can’t really help with that, although I do know how someone should choose a costume. The main thing is for first, to choose a character that has a simple but still showy stile, and has approximately the same body-type as the cosplayer.

Raymond: Bravely start. And just do  and do again. Important is choosing a correct character. If somebody is too short, no problem. Choose a short character. For example a Dwarf hero.


9. Have you participated in a Cosplay competition?

Richard: Not yet. My friends and I are planning to make spectacular fight scenes in the future, so we might participate in performance competitions as well.

Raymond: Eons of ages.No no…maybe a 10 years.


10. Do you have a favorite cosplay artist?

Richard: Right now I don’t have one. But as I see it can easily change in the near future.

Raymond: In Hungary have some favorites. Licorne and Okido. She has some  very complicated costumes. And I like a lot Livia Viziteu,Shinju, his Mandarin armor of five stars !


Richárd Bánfalvi
Richárd Bánfalvi





Csanadi Zoltan aka Solid Snake at the East European Comic Con,Bucharest,first edition,2013

Article by:  Ioana Raluca Popescu and Miriam Mircea

At the East European Comic Con we've meet many Cosplay artists. Zoltan Csanadi  aka Solid Snake was kind enough to answer to our questions.


1. Do your families and friends support your passion?

Zoltan: Definitely. I’m glad that people around me does not see me as a weird one, only someone who have a hobby like anyone else.


2. Do you enjoy the attention you are getting?

Zoltan: Actually who doesn’t? The best part is not the one when I get attention, but when I get in touch with another people around the country, the world. Of course it’s nice to shine, but there is more than simply – kind of - famous.


3. Since when are you enjoying cosplaying?

Zoltan: I started in the mid 90’s as a Star Wars cosplayer – that XWing Pilot is still one of my favorites – but in 2001 I took absence from cosplaying. But in 2012 a few friends of mine urged me to start anew and what can I do? As for a starter, I took a Stargate SG team uniform, then there is lots in the making actually.


4. What special preparations do you do before a show/event?

Zoltan: Costume-wise, I just try to make them as accurate as I can, if it’s a show costume. If it’s meant for action/performance, I’ll check the integrity, durableness. Lifestyle-wise before performances a few extra rounds of exercises do not hurt at all.


5. Do you see yourselves doing cosplay 5 years from now too?

Zoltan: Yes. Cosplaying is not for a specific age group in my book. When I’ll be 5 years older, I probably will try to use some makeup and portray an old Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is an activity that can’t be put down so easily.


6. Which fandoms -movies, TV series, comic books  you enjoy to cosplay the most?

Zoltan: I have many interests, but my dearest are sci-fi movie/tv show cosplays. Altough I really like comic book book heroes, my next target is a gaming character: old Ezio from AC: Brotherhood.


7. Which cosplay was the most difficult to put in motion?

Zoltan: Once, when I was in the first Hungarian Star Wars Fan Club, we made a Darth Vader costume, designed to fit me. The helmet was a nightmare, but the results proved that all the difficulties worth it at the end.


8. What advice would you give to someone who would like to begin to cosplay?

Zoltan: Stamina and dedication. More mentally than physically. And to don’t give up at the first failure – there will be a few more, but at the end you’ll be a good cosplayer!


9. Have you participated in a Cosplay competition?

Zoltan: Long, Long time ago in a CON far, far away…

10. Do you have a favorite cosplay artist?

Zoltan: It’s hard to name only a few, but if I have to name a few from Hungary I can mention Enji Night, Kana, Okkido, and Tazzie. If I have to choose cosplayers from another countries, then I have to mention Paine ( ), Nikita ( ) , NealBomBad ( ) and Fabricator Djinn ( ).I have to thank you all for organizing and attending this wonderful event at EECC 2013!!!! See you there, next year!


Csanadi Zoltan








Meeting "Loki"

article by: Miriam Mircea


Leipzig, Book Fair 2013, my very own meet and greet with Fahr Sindram, cosplayer, children’s books and manga writer, advocate against child pornography.

My second time at the Leipziger BuchMesse but first time in the Manga and Comics section, the most colorful and lively part of the event. I am about to meet Fahr Sindram, a very talented German lady, known for her perfect Cosplays (Note of the author-Cosplay-the art of dressing up and bringing to life a character of choice from comics, movies, books etc) for her writing, drawing and for her constant contribution to the battle against child pornography. No idea what to expect, but I am looking forward to meeting her and asking her a few questions about her work.

So after searching for her booth where she is waiting for me dressed as Loki (Norse God, perfectly played by Tom Hiddleston), I find her. She is indeed remarkable, if I didn’t t know her gender from before, I could have sworn she is a man. Sleek black hair, pale face, sharp cheekbones, very bright eyes and a great costume to match the personality. I introduce myself, we shake hands and she immediately invites me to join her and chats freely in English.

Most people who are fans of Cosplaying, of Tom Hiddleston and Loki know Fahr and her Facebook page, as well as her books and what she stands for. During our talk we are interrupted by all types of people, looking at her with great curiosity, asking for a photo of her, shaking her hand, smiling, waving, buying a T-shirt, a book or just coming by to say a little hello. She takes her time with everyone and at the same time talks to me. We seem like knowing each other for some time, yet we met barely 15 minutes before.

I tell her the reason why we decided she would make a great guest-interview on our Fanpage and she says that our initiative is indeed original, especially coming from the Romanian side of the Fandom.

At some point, I also meet her editor/publisher ,equally kind, polite and open to conversation.

I am still baffled by how good Fahr looks in her Loki costume, I cannot take my eyes of her and I ask her if she made the costume herself. Very honestly she says that she bought it because she is not good at sowing and patching things, but this does not make her less of a very good Cosplayer. Her advice for anyone who wants to cosplay or is thinking to start getting into this universe is very simple:”Just Cosplay”.She continues by saying that it doesn’t really matter if you are a woman and want to embody a male character or the other way around, as weight, height and general looks are not important. But she adds an essential piece of advice:”Take care of the details. Do not find excuses, like you did not have the right shoes and you took some that are more or less the same as those needed. No, find the right shoes, wig, get your costume to be as close to the original as possible. This is what matters”.

And she is right. She smiles but when someone comes to take a photo with her, she gets all serious all of a sudden, and with a deep voice says the most famous phrase that Loki in The Avengers is known for:”Kneeeeeeeeeel!” and the man obeys without a word. She goes and puts a hand on his head and so a great memory is born.

Coming back to me, I continue asking her if she ever met Tom Hiddleston in person, especially when he was in Germany, last year in August, shooting for “Only Lovers Left Alive”. Sadly she could not go and I proceed to show her my photo with Tom from last summer and she tells me like a true fan girl:”I envy you!” We laugh a lot together, the conversation flows and whenever she talks to me, she never loses eye contact. I tell her that she is so good at what she does that people pick up a very positive vibe from her, her photos, her videos.

She then reveals that she is a natural blonde but dyied her hair black in order to cosplay Loki, but the big surprise comes now: she will get back to her natural colour so that she can cosplay…Magnus!(Wallander) With curls and all! I am shocked, like I believe everybody else will be when she will appear all blonde and curly. Our conversation then slides to Shakespeare, the great Shakespeare and we both agree that Tom Hiddleston made Shakespeare be into fashion again. People who never heard of the writer, people who couldn’t swallow his writings are now proclaiming his genius and the brilliant performance of Tom in the BBC-produced series “The Hollow Crown”. She is, on the other hand, a reader of Shakespeare. She understands his message and confesses how much she loved the on-screen chemistry between Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston in the before-mentioned TV series.

I ask her if she is tempted to cosplay Prince Hal. This girl is full of surprises.”Of course I will!I will even do the sauna scene! Of course I will have to photoshop some body parts of mine, but I think it will turn up great!”

We turn our attention to her work with Mangas, she is telling me that her fascination with this type of Comics started in 1996 and grew and grew. Fahr is also an extremely talented artist, she can practically draw anything, “except of houses”, she adds.

I look at her book “Losing Neverland” completely created by her, concept, drawings, dialogue, everything. This book has been published by Butter & Cream Publishing House back in 2006 and it has caused quite a stir. Its title is a bit related to Michael Jackson’s farm, Neverland,a bit to the movie “Finding Neverland”,as she admits. The author deals with a very difficult topic, in her own words “(..)the story of a child forced to grow up”. It is a beautiful story that kept me captivated and opened my eyes in certain ways. Some of the inspiration needed was found by Fahr in the Berlin Flea Market, namely a photo of a very gentle and pretty woman, who became the mother of one of the main characters.  But the book has a deeper goal, to raise awareness about the “Shotacon” and “Lolicon” phenomenon, or in plain words, about child pornography. These pornographic drawings of adults having intercourse with children made their way into Mangas read by kids. Fahr has understood the gravity of the situation and has decided to take a stand. Her voice, luckily, has been heard by Chancellor Angela Merkel herself! She is making a change, she received a lot of praises for her work, among which stands the one given by Goethe Institut, from May  2009:”A few convey profound concerns,such as Fahr Sindram’s Losing Neverland.Fahr Sindram condemns the sexual exploitation of children, but remains faithful to the shojo-manga aesthetic”.

Fahr is a true believer that with hard work and some support here and there one can achieve great things. As a children books author also, she is very preoccupied about the well-being of children and wants to keep intact the childhood’s fairytale. I truly feel that she succeeded well so far.

Going back to Cosplay, she tells me funny little stories that occurred while she was dressed as Loki at some Book Fairs, as for example in Frankfurt, where she had to deal with a hoard of kneeling fan-girls. She has a lot of fun through her art, it has been said again, but I feel the need to repeat it, Fahr can cosplay to perfection. Her editor shows me a photo of Fahr as Lolita, where she is this incredibly inhumanly beautiful creature, too fragile to be true, a live version of a porcelain doll.

As I get ready to leave, she kindly poses for me as the serious Loki, offers me a photoset with Loki doing humanly things and I also take the English version of “Losing Neverland”.,which I practically devour in the train. She hugs me and says we should meet again soon. I couldn’t agree more.

Fahr Sindram is one of a kind. Kind, modest, funny, intelligent, sassy, she has it all. Soon we will all kneel before her, whether we want it or not.







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