Are you Luke Evans or Benedict Cumberbatch fans?

Cinemarx' article in Romanian:


Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki in Thor and The Avengers,has in Romania „an Army” of almost 2.000 fans,built by two young women (Ioana and Miriam) who appreciate his work and follow his every move. Ioana and Miriam are also the creators and administrators of two other Fan-pages one dedicated to Robert Downey Jr. and the other one to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Their passion and ambition are always driving them to pursue new goals and projects and so two young rising actors have their own Romanian Fan-clubs: Luke Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch, the latter being a collaboration with Ada Bogoevici-Soci, a specialist in graphic design.


When you get „hooked” on an actor,you start wanting to know more and more about him or her,about his past,present and future career plans and roles,you want to meet as many people as possible who share the same passion as you. You can fiind all these and so much more as a member of a Fan-club.


Did you admire Luke Evans in The Immortals ,The Raven or Fast & Furious 6? Are you eager to see him as Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? Or maybe as the dark and complex character Eric Draven from a Crow reboot? Then the Fan-club Immortals- Luke Evans Romanian Fans is the place for you.


Did you fall under Benedict Cumberbatch’s spell in the British series „Sherlock” and you enjoyed his performance as the bad guy from „Star Trek Into Darkness”? Or maybe you believe he will be nominated for an Oscar thanks to his role as the Wiki Leaks founder from „The Fifth Estate” drama? You share then the same opinions as the other members of the Benedict Cumberbatch Romania Fan-club. 


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