Assassin's Creed Trailer (CosFighters)

You are all familiar with the cosplay expression. But what could possibly be the cosfight, and the CosFighters?


Well, a few years ago a handful of martial artists decided to use their knowledge to create a new genre in cosplay. That new genre is the cosfight and its founding fathers are the CosFighters. 


Our main aim is not only to visualise the characters of movies, games, cartoons, etc, through cosplaying, but to truly bring them into life for the audience by showing them as much as possible and their skills and abilities of the known heroes and villains.


We would like to use our performances (fight scenes for example) to create the atmosphere of the beloved stories around the funs.Nowadays we are performing with Assassin’s Creed and StarWars, but we are working seriously to give performances of other issues like Batman and other DCs, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Marvels, Alien, Predator, and a dozen of games as well. We hope we will have the honor to fight for you as well!


Don't forget to visit their Youtube Channel: CosFighters 

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