Two Masters of Cosplay at the East European Comic Con

Raymond Seregi
Raymond Seregi

Article by: Miriam Mircea and Ioana Raluca Popescu

During the East European Comic Con we’ve meet two masters of Cosplay, dazzling the minds and entertaining the crow present at the National Children’s Palace in Bucharest through the weekend. Raymond Seregi and Richárd Bánfalvi were kind enough to answer to our questions.


1. Do your families and friends support your passion?

Richard: Fortunately it’s safe to say that my whole environment supports me in cosplaying. They think it’s a cool thing, and they don’t look at me as being weird because of it.

Raymond: Yes! I have a lot of friends in this hobby. And I am a veteran cosplayer. My inner circle is supporting for me. My child is now cosplaying.


2. Do you enjoy the attention you are getting?

Richard: Well, for me it’s not about the attention my ‘comrades’ and I get, but about bringing the different types of ‘worlds’ people like into life around them. Of course it is a lovely feeling when we’re in the limelight, but it is really much better when you see the happy faces of people, because you brought them into the ‘world’ they love!

Raymond: Of course yes! We would like near and far to see the people faces. This hobby is maybe weird for the first meeting for some people. But after a few seconds, everybody is would like a photo with you.


3. Since when are you enjoying cosplaying?

Richard: Actually not long. I’ve started participating in cosplayer events a year ago.

Raymond: I started a cosplay hobby 2004. My first costume was a storm trooper and a sand trooper armor. And in the last few years, I have cosplayed so many other star wars characters too.


4. What special preparations do you do before a show/event?

Richard: For me it’s really important not just having detailed costumes, but to have strong (almost bulletproof if possible), durable ones. Of course this is because our main aim is to be able to perform the specific movements of characters we cosplay, and so there’s a lot of “force” the costumes must sustain. So the main preparations before an event are making the proper equipment, and quite an enormous amount of training for the fight scenes!

Raymond: For me it is very important the durability and a movie accurate prop costume. I think, we must do making every characters move like in the movie. I practice all moves what is very typical the character, what I’m cosplaying.


5. Do you see yourselves doing cosplay 5 years from now too?

Richard: Absolutely! You know: This is only the beginning!

Raymond: Of course! I am practicing kung-fu for more than 23 years and my plan: I will do another 23 years too. And I will choose characters for my age. Or… I will make a good makeup.


6. Which fandoms -movies, TV series, comic books  you enjoy to cosplay the most?

Richard: For me the best choice will always be Star Wars, but I badly like Assassin’s Creed, Marvel, DC universe, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and a hundred more, so be prepared for anything.

Raymond: Star wars firstly. Indiana Jones series other favorite. Matrix trilogy too. Lord of the rings.. will be the next plan, and no way, Fantasy is my best area. And the Marvel universe characters. Wolverine, and Magneto.. I don’t choose


7. Which cosplay was the most difficult to put in motion?

Richard: Right now I’m having a little struggle with the making of a proper, sustainable Altair costume, and I’m not 100% ready with it jet, but I think that’s my greatest ‘cosplay problem’ so far.

Raymond: Darth Maul. I must do every move like him and the robes were making it very difficult. I can’t find some really good pictures for the accessories. Dart Maul boots were complicated. I don’t like the expediency in my hobby. I searched the best boots for 3 months.


8. What advice would you give to someone who would like to begin to cosplay?

Richard: I’m not so experienced in the way making costumes, so I can’t really help with that, although I do know how someone should choose a costume. The main thing is for first, to choose a character that has a simple but still showy stile, and has approximately the same body-type as the cosplayer.

Raymond: Bravely start. And just do  and do again. Important is choosing a correct character. If somebody is too short, no problem. Choose a short character. For example a Dwarf hero.


9. Have you participated in a Cosplay competition?

Richard: Not yet. My friends and I are planning to make spectacular fight scenes in the future, so we might participate in performance competitions as well.

Raymond: Eons of ages.No no…maybe a 10 years.


10. Do you have a favorite cosplay artist?

Richard: Right now I don’t have one. But as I see it can easily change in the near future.

Raymond: In Hungary have some favorites. Licorne and Okido. She has some  very complicated costumes. And I like a lot Livia Viziteu,Shinju, his Mandarin armor of five stars !


Richárd Bánfalvi
Richárd Bánfalvi

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