Csanadi Zoltan aka Solid Snake at the East European Comic Con,Bucharest,first edition,2013

Article by:  Ioana Raluca Popescu and Miriam Mircea

At the East European Comic Con we've meet many Cosplay artists. Zoltan Csanadi  aka Solid Snake was kind enough to answer to our questions.


1. Do your families and friends support your passion?

Zoltan: Definitely. I’m glad that people around me does not see me as a weird one, only someone who have a hobby like anyone else.


2. Do you enjoy the attention you are getting?

Zoltan: Actually who doesn’t? The best part is not the one when I get attention, but when I get in touch with another people around the country, the world. Of course it’s nice to shine, but there is more than simply – kind of - famous.


3. Since when are you enjoying cosplaying?

Zoltan: I started in the mid 90’s as a Star Wars cosplayer – that XWing Pilot is still one of my favorites – but in 2001 I took absence from cosplaying. But in 2012 a few friends of mine urged me to start anew and what can I do? As for a starter, I took a Stargate SG team uniform, then there is lots in the making actually.


4. What special preparations do you do before a show/event?

Zoltan: Costume-wise, I just try to make them as accurate as I can, if it’s a show costume. If it’s meant for action/performance, I’ll check the integrity, durableness. Lifestyle-wise before performances a few extra rounds of exercises do not hurt at all.


5. Do you see yourselves doing cosplay 5 years from now too?

Zoltan: Yes. Cosplaying is not for a specific age group in my book. When I’ll be 5 years older, I probably will try to use some makeup and portray an old Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is an activity that can’t be put down so easily.


6. Which fandoms -movies, TV series, comic books  you enjoy to cosplay the most?

Zoltan: I have many interests, but my dearest are sci-fi movie/tv show cosplays. Altough I really like comic book book heroes, my next target is a gaming character: old Ezio from AC: Brotherhood.


7. Which cosplay was the most difficult to put in motion?

Zoltan: Once, when I was in the first Hungarian Star Wars Fan Club, we made a Darth Vader costume, designed to fit me. The helmet was a nightmare, but the results proved that all the difficulties worth it at the end.


8. What advice would you give to someone who would like to begin to cosplay?

Zoltan: Stamina and dedication. More mentally than physically. And to don’t give up at the first failure – there will be a few more, but at the end you’ll be a good cosplayer!


9. Have you participated in a Cosplay competition?

Zoltan: Long, Long time ago in a CON far, far away…

10. Do you have a favorite cosplay artist?

Zoltan: It’s hard to name only a few, but if I have to name a few from Hungary I can mention Enji Night, Kana, Okkido, and Tazzie. If I have to choose cosplayers from another countries, then I have to mention Paine ( https://www.facebook.com/PaineCosplay ), Nikita ( https://www.facebook.com/Nikitacos ) , NealBomBad (http://nealbombad.deviantart.com/ ) and Fabricator Djinn (https://www.facebook.com/FabricatorDjinn ).I have to thank you all for organizing and attending this wonderful event at EECC 2013!!!! See you there, next year!


Csanadi Zoltan

Website: http://www.pixelstorm.hu/solidsnake/


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    Miriam (Sunday, 30 June 2013 16:27)

    Looking forward to great guests and amazing second East European Comic Con in 2014!